Our Chapter House

Home Sweet Home

Here at Alpha Chi, we are so lucky to call this beautiful house at 813 West 28th Street our home. From our multiple wonderful staff members who keep our members safe and our home clean, to our spacious living areas, our members truly have many reasons to love their living experience here. Our house has been adored for many generations of Alpha Chi's, and we constantly strive to keep our amenities and living areas updated for our members to enjoy. A few of our favorite features include....

o   3 spacious recreation and living rooms

o   A rooftop sundeck and outdoor patio

o   Home-cooked meals from our wonderful chef

o   A quiet study room that can seat more than 20 focused students

o   Brand new hardwood floors

o   Secure car and bike parking

o   Single, double, triple, quad and six-person bedrooms

o   Automatic security alarm system and rotating security guards

o  & much more that we would love for you to see on a tour during formal recruitment!  

Recent Renovations

At Alpha Chi, we are always improving our amenities to make sure our house is a wonderful place to live. In May, we began construction to remodel our downstairs kitchen, pantry, and powder room. For updates on this project or to donate to our renovations, please reach out to wellnari@gmail.com.