Why Alpha Chi?

Hi Ladies,


I’m Kaylee, the Vice President of Recruitment for Alpha Chi Omega. On behalf of my chapter, I’m so excited that you are considering joining Greek life at USC! While recruitment might seem stressful, it is easily one of the most rewarding experiences you can have at USC. Beyond finding a sisterhood and forever home, recruitment allows you to meet so many fantastic women from every chapter and create bonds with women in the Panhellenic community that will last a lifetime. 


While I thought joining a sorority would give me a support system and group of close friends, I have found that Alpha Chi Omega has given me so much more: a family. On bid day I felt so welcomed by everyone in the house, and I have felt that way ever since! Greek life allows you to build a family of your own, and some of the best memories I have in Alpha Chi are Big/Little reveals, whether I was becoming a Little, a Big, or a Grand Big! From leadership opportunities to meeting my best friends and living in the largest (and craziest!) room in the house, I cannot imagine how different and incomplete my college experience would have been without Alpha Chi Omega. My sisters encourage me to be my best self and work towards my goals every day, and I don’t know what I would do without them! 


As you move through the recruitment process, I hope you will continue to see the sisterhood, opportunities, and support system that Alpha Chi Omega has to offer. We can’t wait to meet you in the spring!


Kaylee Little

2020 Vice President of Recruitment


Hi everyone,


My name is Diana and I am the current Vice President of Recruitment Information for Alpha Chi Omega. I know I speak for the whole chapter when I say we are incredibly excited that you are considering going Greek! Recruitment, though it can be stressful, is the most life-changing experience because you meet the women who will become your family.

Alpha Chi Omega is everything I knew and didn’t know I needed from my USC experience. Coming across the country for college to a campus where I am the only student to ever attend from my high school was beyond intimidating. From carving pumpkins and decorating Easter eggs with my Big to sharing clothes and getting ready for gameday, Alpha Chi made USC feel like home. In this house, I’ve found running buddies who will drag me out of bed at 6:30 am, brilliant students who will study with me at all hours of the night, and foodies that take me to restaurants I never would have found or imagined. These women are more than friends to take cute pictures with; they are my motivators, confidantes, accountability partners, and absolute best friends. I cannot imagine my college experience without Alpha Chi. I know these women will be there for me tomorrow and long after we graduate.

I hope that you can see the love and sisterhood we have for one another here at Alpha Chi and will continue through with the recruitment process. We can’t wait to meet you this spring!



Diana LaFollette

Along with the crazy fun times (aka every day), what makes me love my house so much is what each girl stands for: being unapologetically herself.

Fiona Baquerizo

Why I Love Alpha Chi >

I am so grateful to have found a house where I can not only pursue my own passions but meet like minded, driven people. AXO truly gave me a home at USC and I have met my best friends in the house.

Christina Bambach

Why I Love Alpha Chi >

AXO is truly the best girl gang ever- this support system has helped me thrive and gain confidence in myself. I am happy and proud to be part of a house that is extremely passionate about what matters to them..

Kayla Eremita

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