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Recruitment Information

A Message from Our Recruitment Officers 

We cannot wait to meet all the lovely young women who will be going through Recruitment in 2024! As so many members of the Panhellenic community can attest, going Greek can open many doors and lead to lifelong friendships.


Recruitment is an amazing experience that allows potential new members to meet other like-minded women and women from all walks of life. Recruitment is an exciting time that forever changes the lives of those who choose to go through the process. If you are questioning whether Greek life is for you, going through the Recruitment process will allow you to make new friends and meet other women in the USC community.


What is so great about experiencing Greek life is how you can make it into anything you want: a family, a home away from home, long lasting friendships, study buddies, travel companions, and so much more! You will meet amazing women ranging across all majors, interests, cultures, ages, and experiences. Leadership experience can be gained by holding an office in whichever organization you choose to join. Chapters also provide members with philanthropic activities, networking opportunities within the organization, ways to meet others in the Greek community, and more! Recruitment is a wonderful experience, and we hope that you consider taking part in it!


On behalf of the Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, we hope that you choose to take part in Formal Recruitment and we can’t wait to meet you in the Spring! For more information on Recruitment please refer to the Panhellenic website. Fight On!


Ashley Beers and Emma Hora

Vice President of Recruitment & Vice President of Recruitment Information

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Advice for Spring Recruitment

We know that Recruitment can seem intimidating, but it really is not! Don’t be nervous! Recruitment is an exciting experience, and you should enjoy every minute of it. Any questions you have as well as information about Spring Recruitment can be found on the Panhellenic website.


In case you are still nervous, here are some helpful tips from those who have gone through the process at USC before:


  1. Keep an Open Mind: Every chapter is incredible and has so much to offer members! A positive, unbiased outlook is the best way to approach recruitment. Everyone’s recruitment experience is different!

  2. Trust the Process: Although it might seem confusing at times, you will end up where you are meant to be at the end of recruitment.

  3. Take Time Meet Others: The friends you make in your recruitment group can become lifelong friends and can even become your future sisters!

  4. Ask Questions: If you ever have questions about any part of the process, ask your Recruitment Counselors. Recruitment Counselors are there to help you through the process and have given up their letters to help you find yours.

  5. Be Yourself: We are so excited to meet you and want to get to know who you really are! Let your personality shine!

  6. Have Fun!: Recruitment is such an exciting and rewarding experience! Don’t be stressed or nervous! You will end up where you are meant to be at the end of the process.


If you are an Alpha Chi, you may submit a letter of recommendation for any potential new member. You can find the Recruitment Recommendation form on our national website at


If you have any questions about submitting a letter of recommendation you may contact our Collegiate Recruitment Information Chair, Emma Hora, at


We look forward to meeting all of the incredible women you recommend during recruitment this fall!

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